Kalerrâ is a scored podcast based on the experiences of five Artists and Scientists from the Expedition to Weisboydlund, upper eastern Greenland. 

Kalerrâ combines field recordings and interviews from 5 of the 9 Arctic explorers from the 2018 Expedition to Weisboydlund, eastern Greenland; led by artist and researcher Anne Lydiat Wainwright. The team behind the Expedition to Weisboydlund are a mixture of British artists and scientists who came together with the same goal of reaching Louise Boyd Land, founded by American Arctic explorer Louise Arner Boyd in 1931 as part of Anne's research to follow in the wake of Arner Boyd. 

The science that takes place in the Expedition is manta trawling for oceanic plastic and re-photographing Louise Arner Boyd’s images of glaciers to evaluate how far they have receded in the past 80 years. The places the team explored in eastern Greenland, of ocean, icebergs and fjords, have been untouched by humans for decades; with an average of only two indigenous people per year repeating some parts of the team's same journey. 

Using sound recordings from the Greenlandic expedition such as boat ambiences and icebergs melting; Composer Ben Imber creates immersive soundscapes that mimic life on the expedition, alongside a string of emotive musical elements to compliment the narratives of the artists and scientists.  

This series combines interviews of Anne Lydiat, Laura Melissa Williams, Amy Pryor and Wanda Bodnar conducted by Chloe Russell who is also narrating Kalerrâ.

You can listen to Kalerrâ on all streaming platforms, alternatively follow the link below to find a streaming platform. 

The People Behind Kalerrâ
Chloe Russell, Executive Producer, Editor, and Narrator
Chloe is a Photographer, Artist and Science Communicator. Having graduated from Falmouth University's BA Marine and Natural History Photography, Chloe founded HostLab, her photography series that exhibited for 8 months in Bristol in various venues in 2019. HostLab, originally known as Host was Chloe's second book which was nominated for the Julia Cooper Memorial Award. HostLab was the origin for Chloe's interest in sci-art which developed into making her third book Up Your A-Z An Encyclopedia on Gut Bacteria which was awarded book of the month on Bob Books
Chloe has started a MSc in Science Communication with the intention of developing her sci-artwork practices and launching a project that uses her Greenland media she collected during the expedition to Weisboydlund. These include photographs, videos, and sound recordings. Chloe developed Kalerrâ and used her field recordings from the trip as well as new interviews with some of the team members that joined on the expedition.
Ben Imber, Producer, Composer and Sound Designer, Engineer
Ben is a Musician, Composer and Producer that specialises in creating original contemporary music for a range of multimedia platforms. These platforms include popular music composition and production for all major streaming services, original soundtracks for installation, performance, film, video and podcasts. 
After graduating from Falmouth University’s BA Music his work has been associated with the following organisations: Kitsune MusiqueLondon Fashion Week SS18 , Resolutions Dance Festival at The Place London 2019, London and Winchester Short Film Festival, Fierce Film Festival, BBC Introducing, Vinyl Moon and BCFM Radio.
Ben has a history of teaching sailing in UK and international waters and he currently is a Senior Sailing Instructor in Bristol's harbour.
Laura Melissa Williams, Speaker
Laura has spent 15 years in the creative industries: blending Design, Business and Futures, whilst building her portfolio as a professional artist. Through her art practice she explores and captures new perspectives (sometimes literally - she's qualified as a club paragliding pilot!) about the interactions and impact humans have on their environment, the world and each other.  Laura's work draws on her interest and experience in futures, emerging human behaviours, emotion, empathy, nature, wilderness, systems, contradictions and science and technology. 

The result is a broad-ranging art practice that blends hand-crafted pieces, including sculpture, painting and drawing with digital pieces including projections, audio and sound recordings, film and animation. Laura's
 experience as both an art practitioner and a business consultant means she understand the wider creative and contextual factors influencing artists, designers and business people, and the trends and forces impacting the changing world around us. 
Anne Lydiat, Speaker
Anne Lydiat has been a practising artist for over thirty years. She studied Fine Art at Sheffield Polytechnic (Sheffield Hallam University) (1978-81) and Manchester Polytechnic (Manchester Metropolitan University)(1981/82) during a period of major changes in art school education. 
There were few tenured women academics and virtually no mention of women artists until the early 80’s. Lydiat’s art works explored emerging discourses around autobiography (the personal as political), supported by an upsurge in feminist activity dealing with the emotional, psychological and subjective centred practices as cited in Linda Nochlin’s essay ‘Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?’ (1971). Originally inspired by the minimalists, Lydiat’s graduate works such as From the Heights of Ecstasy, Sands of Time, Typecast, Transparent Motives (1981), Rocking Chair, Glass Bridge, She’s Like a Fish out of Water (1982), were a celebration of personal experiences in visual form – a three dimensional journal.
Amy Pryor, Speaker
Amy Pryor is a marine and estuarine scientist with over 20 years of experience in marine and coastal management. Amy started her career through studying marine biology at Newcastle University and then took a job fresh out of university monitoring deep sea fisheries in the North East Atlantic and South Atlantic Ocean for MRAG Ltd as a live aboard scientist. After seven years on the high seas, she came back to dry land and started her journey in UK marine and estuary management with ZSL. 
She is now the Technical Director at Thames Estuary Partnership, London’s Coastal Partnership covering the tidal Thames. She is responsible for developing, managing and raising funds for a robust programme of projects and research across the main themes effecting the river today including data, environment, education, skills and training, research and innovation. She also Chairs the nationaCoastal Partnerships Network, which exists to facilitate knowledge exchange and sharing best practice across 87 similar organisations and provides a national voice for coastal issues. Amy is a lifelong ocean lover, a founding member of the Marine CoLABoration seeking to embed a values based approach to messaging on ocean health and is striving to enhance the health of the ocean including the Thames, London’s ‘local ocean’.

Wanda Bodnar,  Speaker
Wanda holds a master’s degree in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management and worked as a research assistant at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research (NIOZ), and as a marine environmental consultant in offshore and coastal waters. In the latter position, she gained experience in developing and implementing marine mammal mitigation plans according to government and industrial regulations. In 2016 she became accredited as a Registered Marine Scientist by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST).
Since 2017 she has been expanding her expertise focusing on Data Science and GIS (Geographical Information System). In her role as a Project Officer at Thames Estuary Partnership, she has been working on the Greater Thames Estuary Fish Migration Roadmap and helping to develop TEP’s Digital Resources content, especially focusing on the ‘The Tidal Thames’ StoryMap. She is also an avid paddleboarder often out and about on the upstream section of the tidal Thames. 
​​​​​​​Her personally developed map of the East Greenland journey can be found here​​​​​​​
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